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Berry & Hunt owns, operates, manages and/or markets a wide range of office space in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area for ourselves and our clients.  Our properties offer tenants a professional environment in which to conduct business with responsive service by our staff. The cornerstone of our realty asset services is relationships - relationships with our clients and with the community at large. Our clients receive personal attention and service from a dependable team of professionals. We take the time to understand each tenant's unique needs and objectives, respond carefully and quickly, and work together to successfully complete the project. named Chattanooga as the #8 best downtown in the US. We are committed to the continued success of our city. We work to preserve the history and dignity of some of Chattanooga's landmark buildings, and have played a vital role in nurturing ailing structures and converting them into desirable properties. Working with, and on behalf of our clients, we strive to help make Chattanooga the best mid-sized city in America. 

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Republic Centre, Suite 850 | 633 Chestnut Street | Chattanooga, TN 37450 | (423) 267-8112

Our clients benefit from a results-based approach in a commitment to flexible and responsible service and a
thorough understanding of Chattanooga and its unique real estate market.

Realtor® licensed in Tennessee