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Liberty Tower
605 Chestnut Street

The existing building at the corner of Sixth & Chestnut in Downtown Chattanooga has been totally and completely transformed into "Liberty Tower".

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As a full revitalization project, Liberty Tower has received a total and complete overhaul of its entire exterior and primary building systems. Liberty Tower is LEED Gold Certified by the US Green Building Council.

Liberty Tower has received a new exterior look that includes signature architectural treatments and a fully renovated main lobby and ground level area.  The main entry has been reoriented to Chestnut Street.  An elevated and enclosed pedway spans Sixth Street and connects Liberty Tower with Liberty Garage (the existing parking facility adjacent to the downtown YMCA).

The HVAC and elevator systems have been upgraded and/or replaced with new state-of-the-art technology.  Common areas are fully updated.  All lighting has been replaced with energy efficient T8 and LED lighting.  There are a total of eighty (80) windows per floor on the upper floors.  We have replaced the low, single-paned windows with taller, energy efficient, double-paned windows.  The height of the new window system spans the entire opening from beam to beam, allowing for greater ceiling heights than previously existed.  The outstanding views can now be fully enjoyed.

Liberty Tower offers approximately 201,712 rentable square feet as measured per BOMA standards and is seventeen (17) stories tall. The first floor offers over 8,000 square feet of available office and retail space which can be subdivided as required. Floors 2-4 contain approximately 12,950 rentable square feet each. The upper floors (5-17) each contain approximately 12,307 rentable square feet each. 

We are delighted that Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel ( has selected Liberty Tower as its new home. The prestigious law firm occupies the top four floors of the building. Chambliss is a 126-year-old, Chattanooga-based law firm that has built a rich heritage of successful client service by anchoring its practice in the time-honored principles of legal scholarship, professionalism, innovation and skillful, vigorous odvocacy. Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain (LBMC) has located its Chattanooga headquarters within Liberty Tower. Our growing list of other tenants includes J. Smith Lanier, Polsinelli, Amerifoods, Patton, Albertson & Miller, and JP Morgan Chase & Co.


Fiber Optics - Liberty Tower currently contains fiber optic connectivity from multiple carriers - AT&T, EPB and Comcast.

Private Club Membership - The Walden Club is a private dining club located atop neighboring Republic Centre.  The Club is under our common ownership.  Tenants in our buildings receive complimentary memberships to The Walden Club at no charge for the duration of our relationship.

Common Meeting Rooms and Break Area - We have equipped an area within Liberty Tower to serve as common meeting facilities with internet access and audio visual capabilities.  Another area is furnished with café furniture and vending machines to serve as a common break area for Liberty Tower tenants. - Conference Centre Reservations 

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