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Republic Centre

Constructed in 1975, Republic Centre remains the dominant presence on the downtown Chattanooga skyline. When first opened, the building was home to the Chattanooga offices of the Tennessee Valley Authority, as well as many other companies-including Republic Parking System.

In the mid 1980s, TVA moved from the building into a new corporate campus, leaving the building 80% vacant. Jim Berry purchased the building and set out to create Chattanooga's premiere Class A office space, enlisting the help of Steve Hunt. 

Dedicated to filling the space correctly and not just quickly, Berry and Hunt adopted a strategy to create a vertical synergy within the building. Among the first new tenants was the law firm of Baker Donelson-setting the class and character of future tenants. Other professional firms soon moved their offices to Republic Centre - including lawyers, investment firms, and Certified Public Accountants. With the Walden Club, a private dining club on the top floor and the convenience of attached parking, Republic Centre soon became the center of the city's business district. 

Today, Republic Centre's occupancy remains strong. It's efficient floorplans, vertical tenant synergy, and prime Chestnut Street location has made it a much sought after address for many of Chattanooga's leading professional firms. Jim Berry Company, led by Ronnie Williams (Senior Vice President and Properties Manager), handles all daily operations of Republic Centre, as well as overseeing all tenant improvement and capital improvement projects.  Berry and Hunt assists with daily operations and lends its expertise in leasing and marketing.

This owner-occupied approach means tenants have direct access to professionals who respond quickly to their requests, and is evidence of Berry and Hunt's continued dedication to preserving and enhancing Chattanooga's realty assets.  

Republic Centre, Suite 850 | 633 Chestnut Street | Chattanooga, TN 37450 | (423) 267-8112

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