Berry and Hunt

Times Building

One of the core competencies of Berry & Hunt is the ability to identify solutions that meet the needs of their clients. It happens every day in the properties they manage. It also happens in unique situations like the purchase of the Times Building. 

A leading regional security company was ready to expand its operations. The business had outgrown its corporate offices and was looking for space in the downtown area. The Times Building was available for lease, but the security company was interested in something more permanent. They turned to Berry & Hunt because of their extensive experience in negotiating transactions, as well as their reputation for identifying the right solution to meet a specific need. 

Berry & Hunt presented an alternative to the owner of the building that proved to be more beneficial than a lease agreement, negotiated the purchase of the Times Building and two parking parcels on behalf of the security company and further reinforced their reputation as asset managers who understand how to match the right solution to any need. 

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